Solus – Street Artist

Dublin is proud of her street artists, and one in particular is making an impression on her. Solus inscribes Dublin’s gable walls, electrical boxes and abandoned spaces with his punchy, irrepressible art, creating huge murals and perfectly placed stencil art. Working mostly in spray paint, he uses bright contrasting colour palettes, humour and witty typography to create one-punch images that are difficult to forget. Working out his illustrations on the streets, he later creates lithographs and screenprints of his images, selling them in limited print runs to lucky collectors. Solus has exhibited around the world, both at shows in Paris, Canada and U.S.A., as well as leaving his mark on the streets of cities in Asia, Europe and North America.
Themes of masculinity, mental health, power and discipline are explored in his work. Finding expression in the supple strength of a dancer, as in his series of Ballerina prints, Solus marries the exaggerated masculinity associated with traditional boxing with the delicate silhouette of the ballet dancer, drawing comparisons between power and discipline required to master either art. In his series of Cowboy prints we see the face of youth dressed in the oversized trappings of traditional masculinity, the stereotype of the tough cowboy masking the inherent vulnerability of the little boy. Every new print we receive from Solus surprises us anew, he is constantly pushing himself forward and his restless nature is contagious.