Sell With Us

Have you got something to show us? If you think your prints would thrill and amaze us, don’t keep them to yourself! We love to find new artists and designers and ask them to join us. We accept digital submissions via email at Send us an email, telling us a little about yourself and your artwork. If you have any image sharing spaces online, from Instagram to Facebook to your own online store, include a link to those, so we can see your style. Our ethos is to showcase local Irish design, so if you’re living and making art here, don’t forget to mention it.

We read and review all submissions regularly and will get in contact if would like to stock your work, please don’t be offended if we personally don’t get back to you, it’s really hard to keep up with so many emails we receive constantly. Everybody is welcome to make a digital submission, but we kindly ask you not to send us physical items or samples unasked, our shops are stuffed already! As we’re so stuffed, it’s hard to fit everyone in, so please don’t take us not taking you in as a negative thing, please keep making and creating your work, your art is needed in this world! Mark and John