Emily McKeagney is a graphic designer from Offaly. Based in Dublin, she studies Visual Communications at D.I.T, while gaining industry experience at Red Dog Communications and Jam Art Factory. Interested in both traditional and contemporary methods of image making, Emily’s work often features ephemera, cut-ups, vintage photography and the overlaying of images, drawing on her impressions as a young person in a rapidly changing Ireland. Her series of illustrations for Jam Art Factory focuses on the curving wave structures and swirling depths of a nighttime coastline. Crashing against moonlit lighthouses and craggy rocks, Emily’s monochrome white line drawings are dramatic, hinting at the thrilling and romantic myths of old seafaring Ireland. Dun Laoghaire’s Forty Foot swimming spot is shown in eerie nocturnal splendour, strong currents drawing tall ships out to sea or revealing the tail of a leviathan.

Emily McKeagney
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