Claire Prouvost is a French painter, graphic artist and muralist making a big impact on the streets of Dublin. Originally from Toulouse, she moved to Ireland where her bright, energetic approach to illustration has caught the attention of the locals. Her murals in Temple Bar and the Liberties are all about capturing the faces of Dublin women, Claire is passionate about celebrating the contribution of women is art, politics and society, and often paints them in powerful and confident poses. Cubist and minimal in style, Claire often chooses a restricted colour palette for a piece, her bright geometric shapes form a pleasing scene, a portrait or a still life, a reclining nude bathed in a cool planes of blue shadow. Her saturated colours are tempered with softly treated surfaces, subtle interlocking line and waxy pastel textures. Whether working digitally, using acrylics on canvas, or adding a splash to a city wall, Claire’s energetic work continues to evolve, we are excited to see her bold images form part of Dublin’s modern visual story.