Decan Loftus is a storyboard artist and graphic designer. Working in film and television creating graphics and props has given Declan’s work a deep undercurrent of cinematic drama. Smokey and atmospheric, many of his illustrations are set against the backdrop of night, punctuated with neon light trails, and days heavy with the tremulous steel grey cloud of the Irish afternoon. From Ireland’s west, Declan has made illustrations of his homeland, capturing the churning Atlantic coasts, the kaleidoscopic streets of Galway. In each of his illustrations he hints at modern industry, placing telegraph poles and modern motorways through countryside, asking us to see the beauty that may be found in industrial design. Wind turbines, cranes, and pylons dot the landscapes and Galway city may be viewed from a concrete rooftop, the scene no less moving for the soaring cranes in the distance. Fascinated by the ever changing light and dark of cities, Declan has also depicted mega cities like Tokyo. The unending neon and hectic excitement of the city treated lovingly as a hazy snapshot, a memory, or a storyboard panel of an epic sci-fi.