Jacky Sheridan is an Irish illustrator, typographer, lecturer and self described ‘ absolute weapon’. Her work bursts off the page, demanding your engagement. Working with digital and traditional methods, Jacky make high contrast images using saturated colour and wickedly witty content. Reminiscent in style to the golden age of comic books, her thick marker lines and bright popping tones are delightful and can instantly provoke a smirk. She has illustrated her experiences using Gaeilge, so that we might describe the modern phenomenon of sharing a big bag of cans whilst also using our cúpla focal.
Jacky is also an activist, and her work strongly references her politics. Themes of body positivity, queer and non binary lives, intersectional feminism and equality activism are front and centre in her drawings, and she uses the visual coding of memes and internet speak to deliver her message. Heartwarming and fierce in equal measure, Jacky is creating content that speaks directly to the concerns and experiences of today.

Jacky Sheridan