Barry Quinn is an artist and multi disciplinary illustrator from County Monaghan. Though living and working in Dublin, his artwork reflects his rural childhood in the countryside. Fascinated with wildlife and the secret rumblings of nature, Barry works in fluid pencil line and dabs of jewelled watercolour. His illustrations are all about the imaginative play of childhood, the ability to conjure up personal worlds and then loose oneself inside them. His human figures sit meditatively among the mushrooms, butterflies, foxes and stoats, linked to the landscape. The textures of hair, skin and bone sit naturally next to the barks, grasses and delicate skulls of birds. Perched atop roofs, surrounded by a lake of flowing hair, the dreamers in Barry’s illustrations are anchored by home. Fantasy exploration involving nebulae, moons and diving bells all run through Barry’s drawings as he pushes the boundaries of reality, playing with scale and proportion.

Barry Quinn
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