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Lets Cook – Breaking Bad print


Brands:: Shane Gavin
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By Shane Gavin

Print on 280 gram uncoated stock paper

Two sizes available

A3 size 420mm x 297mm

A4 size 297mm x 210mm

Having watched the four seasons of Breaking Bad and becoming absolutely enthralled, I decided I wanted to create a poster that summed up the four seasons using imagery. I chose inanimate objects that play a distinct role throughout the seasons for various reasons. From working on it it became apparent there were three different types of objects:

  • Objects that relate to the process of cooking meth (lab equipment, respirator etc)
  • Objects that relate to the characters (Heisenberg’s hat, Hector’s bell, the cousin’s axe etc)
  • Objects that relate to events (Gale’s gunshot kettle, airplane teddy, boxcutter, flowers etc)

Here are all the objects starting from top left:

    • Ruger SP101 (Jesse’s revolver used to intimidate Spooge)
    • Eyeball from pink bear
    • Bust of Jesús Malverde (Given to Hank by Gomez)
    • Los Pollos cup (Used by Hank to get Gus Fring’s fingerprints)
    • Thermometer
    • Tuco’s grill (Encased in acrylic)
    • Walter’s DIY flycatcher
    • Erlenmeyer Flask
    • Skull (from the Cousins’ boots
    • Saul Goodman’s 3 strikes matchbook
    • Funnel
    • Smith & Wesson 4506 (Originally Krazy-8′s gun, used by Walter in the pilot episode)
    • 3M Respirator
    • Bee symbol (from the barrels of Phenylacetic acid)
    • Walter’s glasses
    • The elusive fly
    • Boxcutter (used by Gus to murder crime-scene suspect)
    • The cousins’ chrome axe
    • Wooly mask (used by Jesse and Walt to steal a barrel)
    • Bag of blue meth
    • Graduated cylinder
    • Walter’s Y-fronts
    • Jesse’s ricin cigarette
    • Heisenberg’s hat
    • Pestle & mortar
    • Hector Salamanca’s bell
    • Broken plate (missing piece used by Krazy-8 to try kill Walter)
    • Saul Goodman’s liberty scales pin
    • Pink teddybear (from plane crash)
    • Stolen spoon (taken from showhome by Marie Schrader)
    • Lily of the valley flowers
    • Pepperoni pizza (thrown onto roof by Walter)
    • Wayfarer 515 aircrash remembrance ribbon
    • Round bottomed flask
    • Don Eladio’s necklace
    • Gale Boetticher’s shot kettle


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A3, A4

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