“I am a 42 year old human man from Dublin living in James Gate, (also the home of some black liquid thats quite popular around these parts)

I’ve been graphic designing, art directing, retouching, illustrating, photographing, letrasetting, darkroom operating, studio managing, web designing, finished-arting, coding, even IT managing for close on 25 years. phew!

I started off working in a darkroom in Pat McIntyres back in 1988 (where I unboxed one of the first apple macintosh computers in the country) then moved to a few different repro houses learning about the rapidly changing printing end of things and then cut my advertising teeth with Arks Advertising where I worked as the studio manager and occasional art director on accounts like Guinness, Colgate, Dublin Bus, Eircell, Nissan, Heinz, Levis, KIlkenny Design, Irish Permanent and so on.”