AllJoy Design

Alljoy is a Dublin based design company specialising in laser cut artworks and gifts. It was started in 2009 by husband and wife graphic design duo Li and Jiawen. The couple wanted to design with love, finding those little things that bring a little joy into each day, and so Alljoy Design was born. They create elaborate maps of Dublin, Cork and Ireland, stylised and with pleasing curved design, softly rounded and packed with detail. Each examination shows a new, fun detail, from revelers dancing on the tables in Temple Bar, to horse drawn carriages and dog walking pipe smokers. Their clever silhouettes are minimal enough to fit nicely into a modern space while also drawing a smile with their characterful details. Irish literature and poetry also feature in their work, as cheeky Wilde and wistful Yeats quotes are beautifully framed with Li and Jiawen’s signature leafy tendrils. Most popular are their unique paper and perspex lightboxes, ingenious dioramas of Dublin bridges, buildings and and structures lit with fantastic LED purples and pink. The crisp design and clean white paper cuts are so charming that we regularly sell out, everybody loves these little boxes of joy.

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