Niamh McDonnell

Niamh McDonnell is an Irish artist, producing beautiful and atmospheric photography. Her work is deeply rooted in her early experiences of mental heath struggles and the darkness that can permeate the mind. Photographing her surroundings during tough times has helped Niamh to find her voice as an artist, her work has depth and an arresting honesty. Capturing rare light has become a feature of her images as she seeks out interesting locations, and records a moment of luminosity. Her work is filled with tremulous cloud formations, textures of scrubby hillsides and loughs sparkling with bounces of reflected sunlight. Niamh gives particular attention to abandoned structures, nestled in overgrown thickets, quietly vibrating with memory. She finds barns, mills and farms, once hives of industry, now covered in moss and silence. The passage of time has changed these once busy places, growing tendrils around the lost objects and exposed stone masonry, slowing their tempo and softening their edges.